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I have decided to create a web page (and this is my very first attempt, so please be gentle) dedicated to my two favourite characters from my favourite show - Spike and Drusilla, from Buffy. I'm fairly certain that anyone coming to this site will know perfectly well who they are, but just in case, I do have information about them on the site - only a few clicks away!

Spike / Drusilla Episodes Information on the episodes of Buffy featuring Spike and Drusilla

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Spike and Drusilla pictures Lots of pretty pictures of Spike and Drusilla

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I own none of these characters, pictures, plotlines, anything. Spike and Drusilla, along with the whole of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Twentieth Century Fox and the Warner Bros. Network. This is purely a fan site not run for any profit or gain.