Maine Hobbies

Take A Break

Hi. Now, I know that some of you feel the computer is a tool. I disagree. I am convinced that its real worth is as a toy. So far it has enhanced every one of my hobbies. And I have a lot of hobbies.

Just A Few...

Some of my hobbies revolve around flying. Really flying (very expensive and I'm making only slow progress toward my Private Pilot license) and Microsoft's Flight Simulator (flying, controlling for other "pilots", and building code for aircraft and cockpits).

My other hobbies include martial arts, flyfishing, writing, yacht racing, model rockets, Traveller (a space game), sketching, puppets, model railroads, PBeM stories, and ham radio. Now, what have I forgotten?

A Helping Hand

So, if you've been working too hard as I'm convinced I have, you may be ready for a hobby...or two. Here are a few links that may help. And remember, a hobby pursued too enthusiastically is just more work. So bounce around aimlessly like me. It will drive your friends crazy - and that's fun too!

My Own Hobby Webpages

Alan Baird
Glass Houses
Martial Arts (my Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do pages)
Hefry Starport (my Traveller page)
Cape Air Maine(my Flight Sim page)

Other Great Pages (or, My Favorite Links)

TCA (my virtual airline)
SATNET (networked online controlling)

Maine Hobbies