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This is my first ever page and I am constantly upgrading and changing  so please bare with me.

This site is dedicated to the 2 things that matter most in my life. My rp and my family.

So please browse around and have fun!

This is Kadyn Fraser....

She was my first character in Chatalot and she is mortal. She was adopted into the Fraser clan on Feb 20, 1999. It took a year to get her adopted due to issues with RT.

To find out more about the Frasers please click on the crest ->

Her frame was done by Brianna. She was the Laird of our clan at that time.
This is Monte' Fraser....

He is my husbands character that was adopted into the Frasers.

His frame was done by a dear friend  of ours Andrea. She did a wonderful job and this is one of his favorite pics.
A special thanks to Shawn for helping me with this page. He kept me from needing blood pressure pills! *L*

Thanks!!!!! *Hugs*
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