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Wildcat. Obsidian. Hourman. Sentinel. Wonder Woman.
Dr. Fate. The Flash. They're the current incarnation of the world's first superhero team! Existing in various forms since World War II, These heroes stand for truth, liberty and most of all?Justice!
Written for the Faux-DC Fanfiction Group.      www.fauxdc.com
Princess Diana of Themyscira uses the powers granted her by the Olympian Gods to defend the Earth from evil both alone and as member of the Justice League of America!
Written for the Faux-DC Fanfiction Group. www.fauxdc.com
Genis-Vell is the son of the legendary Mar-Vell, the hero known as Captain Marvel! Taking up the mantle of his father's legacy, Genis uses the awesome power of the Nega-Bands to defend the galaxy from evil!
Written for the Avengers 2000 Fanfiction Group. http://pol.mclink.it/heroes/Av2000/index.html
The Strategic Hazard Intervention and Espionage Logistics Directorate?otherwise known as S.H.I.E.L.D.! When strange, dangerous events occur in more urban locales, the world's foremost covert organization sends in an elite team to investigate! Superhuman serial killers?paranormal phenomena?the horrifying underbelly of the Marvel Universe is exposed by S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Agent and NYPD Homicide Detective Mike Cannon and his Urban Operations Team: Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher, Luke Cage, Blade, Agent Jack Truman a.k.a. DeathLok, Detective Alex Reese and Medical Investigator Barry Dreslinski!
Written for the Avengers 2000 Fanfiction Group. http://pol.mclink.it/heroes/Av2000/index.html
For thousands of years, the Spectre has walked the Earth with a human host avenging those wronged by the most horrible crimes known to man. Now, Art Gallery owner Randal Fedje is the host for the Spectre?a normal man exposed to unlimited and unknown powers. Can he cope? Will he abuse the power bestowed upon him? Or can he rise up to become a force for good? No one, especially Randal, knows for sure?
Written for the All-Star 2000 Fanfiction Group. http://www.redrival.com/cutter4/index.html
Thousands of years old, Gilad Abrams is the Fist and Steel of the Earth, chosen to protect the line of Geomancers who have acted on the Earth's behalf for centuries! Using the abilities granted him by his dense molecular structure, Gilad fights for a world that has forgotten exactly what justice means?
Written for the Valiant Fanfiction Association.  http://redrival.com/mv1/vfa/valiantfanfic.htm