Through the creation of this website and the authoring of three scholarly papers, we have attempted to analyze, critique and investigate the world we live in. Our goals were, and continue to be, the exploration of our universe and the enlightenment of the human race in regards to the existence of extraterrestrial life. These momentous issues are no doubt the greatest mysteries of human life, and the understanding of such is the greatest undertaking of man.

We utilized numerous sources in our quest, and incorporated works from both Carl Sagan and M. Night Shyamalan into our research. Sagan’s 1985 novel Contact will be remembered as the most accurate portrayal of 20th century radio astronomy. He single handedly dissected some of the most difficult questions, while inadvertently raising new ones. Shyamalan takes a more direct approach to the issue of extraterrestrial life, and questions religion and its role in human happiness in his 2002 feature film Signs.

Our work considers the religious, social and technological impacts that extraterrestrial life poses on humans, all of which are important to a healthy understanding of our position in the universe. We hope the efforts of our critical thinking enhance your understanding, and that you continue to explore and ask these essential questions in your own life: why, what for, and how?


Nathaniel Houk
Julian Soro
Randal Staewen