Char's Counter Attack

Chan and Amuro develop the latest line of Gundams


Did Char develop the Nu-Gundam to have one last duel with Amuro?  All a mystery which is left out from the chinese version.

Char sends astoriods to warn Earth of what's to come

Char buys Axis and sends it to Earth

OK skip the rest and Final Battle again at Axis

Arh it's going to Earth!!!

Amuro searches for Char.  Notice the physcom weapons sticking out from shoulders


     Sazabi draws light saber and Gundam replies

Every battleship launches misslies at Axis hoping to destroy it

Axis spilts into two parts

Amuro uses his physcom weapons

Char dodges it and uses his mega particle beam cannon

The cannon blast misses the Gundam

After yet more fighting Amuro destroy Char's MS and Char ejects while Amuro grabs his escape pod and slams it into A Bau A Qu.
One side of Axis is still heading for earth and Amuro tries to stop it.

The yellow bit is the thrusters on Nu Gundam

The red ball is Char's pod complete with life size Char ^_^

All he can do is sit and let Amuro slam him into A Bau A Qu

Lots of MS help Amuro

All MS execpt Nu Gundam are pushed away by physic energy

Earth is saved with a little help from Chan

The End

All major details are missing that is just the ending.