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The rest of this site is under major re-construction. The "re" stands for "retarded".

Dissidence is Patriotic

Click here to see the OLD list of the best movies. It has recently been shaken up (due to the viewing of quite a few amazing films), and I am not sure how to insert these new movies. Many many many of these movies will have to be removed to make room.

Click here to the my list of the worst movies ever made. This too, has become too easy. I will probably re-vamp this list to cover the popular movies that are really not good, such as Lord of the Rings. And I don't mean all popular ones, just the ones that people really do think are good. Therefore, we will be ignoring ones like Episode I, which eveyone thinks sucks (it's a kid's movie folks, just like the old ones, so get over it. What? You don't think so? Well, how old were you when you saw Star Wars for the first time? Oh yeah, that's right).

Click here to see my list of the best albums. Argue if you must over 90125.

Click here for my list of the 100 best songs. This list is complete as far as content and order, and is pretty much irrefutable.

Click here to see the puzzle.

Click here to see some good links to friends' and relatives' sites.

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