Hi, and welcome to my site.  I love taking photographs, so this site will mainly contain some of the pictures I've taken during my travels. I love travelling to foreign countries, and my job with an airline gives me a great opportunity to do that. So where have I been?? Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan,South Africa, Zimbabwe, Trinidad & Tobago, St Lucia, most of Europe and about 15 places in the USA. Think that covers most of it! I live just outside London, England, although if I could I'd live in New Zealand. Maybe in time....  

I live with my partner of more than 8 years, who is also my best friend and my travel companion. Most of our trips to the US are to go to Xena conventions. We started watching the show about 5 years ago, and since then have been to cons all across America. We've made a lot of good friends because of the show and for that we are eternally grateful. The stars are all pretty nice people too!
We have 3 cats...Ozzie, Ziggy & Murphy. They're all 7 years old and have their own distinct personalities!
On the snow field at the top of Franz Josef Glacier, South Island, NZ
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