My White Wolf Resource Library Inventory



Vampire: the Masquerade (2nd ed AND Revised)

V:tM Screens (2nd ed AND Revised) incl. Vampire ST Companion

Vampire Players Guide (2nd ed)

The Storytellers Handbook (2nd ed)

Vampire Storytellers Handbook (Revised)

Guide to the Camarilla

Guide to the Sabbat

Players Guide to the Sabbat (2nd ed)

Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat (2nd ed)

Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand

Midnight Siege

The Gilded Cage    +    Nights of Prophecy

Sins of the Blood


The Anarch Cookbook

Time of Thin Blood

A World of Darkness (1st and 2nd eds)

The Hunters Hunted

Ghouls: Fatal Addiction

Book of the Kindred

Prince's Primer

The Book of Nod

Clanbooks (all 2nd ed):  Assamite, Brujah, Gangrel, Giovanni, Lasombra, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Ravnos,

Setites, Toreador, Tremere, Tzimisce, Ventrue

Liber des Goules (MET)

Montreal by Night

Children of the Night

Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy

WoD: Gypsies

The Inquisition

Outcasts: Players Guide to Pariahs

Vampire: the Dark Ages

V:tDA Screen

Dark Ages Companion

Book of Storyteller Secrets

Libellus Sanguinis 1, 2, 3, and 4

The Ashen Knight and Ashen Thief and Ashen Cults

The Erciyes Fragments

Liege, Lord, and Lackey

Three Pillars

Wolves of the Sea, Wind from the East, House of Tremere

Cainite Heresy + Jerusalem by Night

Clanbooks:   Baali, Cappadocian, Salubri

Kindred of the East

KoE Companion

Demonhunter X

Shadow War

The Thousand Hells

WoD: Blood and Silk

Killing Streets

Half-Damned: Dhampyr

Guide to the Anarchs

New York by Night

Blood Sacrifice

Veil of Night

Road of Humanity; Road of Sin; Road of Heaven

Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom

LA by Night

Vampire: the Requiem screen




Mage: the Ascension (2nd ed AND Revised)

M:TA (2nd AND Revised) + Hidden Lore + ST Companion (Rev.)

The Book of Shadows

The Book of Mirrors

The Book of Crafts

The Book of Madness

The Book of Madness - Rev.

The Book of Worlds

The Book of Chantries

Horizon: Stronghold of Hope

Ascension's Right Hand

The Traditions Gathered 1, 2, and 3

Tradition Book: Hollow Ones

Technocracy Assembled 1

Technocracy: Void Engineers

Technocracy: Syndicate

Technomancer's Toybox

Digital Web (1st and 2nd ed)

Guide to the Technocracy

Initiates of the Art

Masters of the Art

The Spirit Ways

Orphans Survival Guide

The Bitter Road

Dead Magic

Blood Treachery

Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure

Destiny's Price

Lost Paths: Ahl-i-Batin & Taftani

Guide to the Traditions

WoD: Sorcerer

Mage: Sorcerer Revised

Halls of the Arcanum

The Bygone Bestiary

Blood-Dimmed Tides

Mage: the Sorcerers Crusade

M:tSC Screen + Crusade Lore

The Sorcerers Crusade Companion

The Artisan's Handbook

Infernalism: the Path of Screams

Castles and Covenants

The Swashbuckler's Handbook

The Order of Reason

Dark Ages: Mage

Dark Ages: Mage Grimoire

Mage: the Awakening





Wraith: the Oblivion (1st Ed - actually better than the 2nd)

Wraith Players Guide

WtO Screen (1st and 2nd ed) + ST Kit (booklet) + Buried Secrets

Shadow Players Guide

Dark Kingdoms of Jade

The Risen

Dark Reflections: Spectres

Doomslayers: Into the Labyrinth

The Sea of Shadows

Love Beyond Death

Guildbooks:  Artificers, Sandmen, Masquers, Haunters, Pardoners & Puppeteers, Spooks & Oracles

Ends of Empire

The Hierarchy

The Book of Legions


Mediums: Speakers with the Dead

The Quick and the Dead

Wraith: the Great War

Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah

Midnight Express




Changeling: the Dreaming (2nd ed)

CtD Screen+Book of ST Secrets+CtD(2) Screen+Book of Lost Dreams

Players Guide (1st ed)

Changeling Storytellers Guide

Dreams and Nightmares

Noblesse Oblige: the Book of Houses

Pour L'Amour et Liberte: the Book of Houses 2

Book of Lost Houses: the Second Coming

Nobles: the Shining Host

The Fools Luck: Way of the Commoner

The Shadow Court

Land of Eight Million Dreams

Inanimae: the Secret Way

The Autumn People

Kithbooks:   Trolls, Sluagh, Satyrs, Nockers, Pooka, Redcap, Eshu

Isle of the Mighty

Immortal Eyes: Court of All Kings, Shadows on the Hill, The Toybox

The Enchanted

Denizens of the Dreaming

Dark Ages: Fae




Demon: the Fallen

D:tF Screen & Storytellers Guide





Werewolf: the Apocalypse - (1st ed),  (2nd ed) + Revised

WtA Screen + Screen (Rev) + ST Companion

Werewolf Players Guide (1st and 2nd ed)

Werewolf Storytellers Handbook

Umbra: the Velvet Shadow


Caerns: Places of Power

Book of the Wyrm (1st and 2nd ed)

Book of the Weaver

Book of the Wyld

Ways of the Wolf

Axis Mundi: the Book of Spirits

Freak Legion: Players Guide to Fomori

Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes

Litany of the Tribes 1, 2, 3, and 4

Changing Breeds:  Bastet, Nuwisha, Corax, Gurahl, Ratkin,

                         Mokole, Ananasi, Rokea, Nagah

Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East

Werewolf the Dark Ages

Rage Across the Heavens

Dark Alliance - Vancouver

The Silver Record

Subsidiaries: a Guide to Pentex

Monkeywrench: Pentex

Guardians of the Caerns

Bookof the City

Project Twilight

WoD: Combat

Possessed: a Players Guide

Werewolf: the Wild West

W:tWW Screen + Frontier Secrets

The Wild West Companion

Rage Across New York

A World of Rage

Croatan Song

Past Lives

Book of Auspices

Hammer and Klaive

Dark Ages: Werewolf

Werewolf: the Forsaken screen





T Screen + Hidden Agendas

Trinity Technology Manual

Trinity Players Guide

Stellar Frontier

Field Reports:   Psi Laws, Alien Races, Extrasolar Colonies,

                      Media, Corporate Life


A Screen + ST Screen

Project Utopia


Aberrant: XWF

Aberrant Players Guide

Aberrant: Elites





The Masquerade (MET; 2nd ed)

Laws of the Wild, Laws of the Hunt, The Long Night,

Oblivion, The Shining Host, The Shining Host PG,

Laws of the Wyld West, Laws of the Hunt PG,

Book of the Wyrm, Liber des Goules, Laws of Elysium,

Laws of the Night




Hunter: the Reckoning

HtR Screen + Storyteller Companion

Hunterbooks: Avenger, Defender, Innocent Judge, Martyr, Redeemer, Visionary, Hermt, Wayward

The Walking Dead

Hunter: First Contact

Players Guide


Dark Ages: Inquisitor



Crusade of Ashes


Mummy: the Resurrection

Mummy 1st & 2nd ed.

Mummy; the Resurrection Players Guide





SF Screen

Players Guide


The Perfect Warrior

Secrets of Shadoloo





Exalted Screen + ST Companion

Players' Guide

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