Anime Alliance is Closed

Sorry for those that have been enjoying my website, I'm having to close the website because no one seems to be joining since I opened it up back in April 1999. However, I opened up a new website called Hoshi Enkai.

Right where I had my very first website The Dream Time. But for now enjoy the new site. And I'll leave some of the old links from this site still open. Sorry for you Anime Alliance fans that once enjoyed my website. -Mizu/Hinote/StarIce/Himei

Alliance Status: (April/3/2001) Well I finally finished the update in the gallery! Now all I have to do is figure out WHY the images in the tutorals won't show, Geocities is basically a PAIN sometimes.

Questions? Comments? Darth Sidious's troops? Other Sith's troops? Your troops? Send them all here <

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