Frank's "Deep Dark Depths of Me"


Star Date: January 1, 2003. The millennium rolls on and here we are in another demonstrative effort at showing that we are still young and hip and "with it" as the cool kids say, by attending another ritualistic youth event, called a "party" by normal people. Yes, I know, you bastards, the picture is blurry. I'm sure it's symbolic of something and if I were THAT full of crap, I would make something up to that effect, like the fact that it's blurry to represent the uncertainty of our futures or some such crap.


That guy wishes he had grapes. Look at his disdain.         Dark and Mysterious. And blurry you damn whiners...

"And this, is gay porn." "Hmmmm..."            Shiny, happy, red people.


What the fuck are you looking at?        We're not worthy!                        We'd make a good album cover

.                    Deep Dark Thoughts Of Me: Down With Christmas can be found here.

Someone is watching me from the light in the ceiling.