This is the tower of soapy floors so is not suitable for those who are smart and fast on their paws.


Oh! well! Welcome to the Spore of  Fox. That is if you insist on a welcome. And please get down on your 4s so that I can look at you properly. I most humbly remind you that I am the Tower Master here. So never come to this tower on your feet. You should flop about like I do. It is faster, I assure you. You see, one of the reasons I keep all floors slippery is that my tummy is so loaded that I can't walk fleet footed like a real fox.

You want to know my tummy is loaded with what? That's a darned good question but a stupid one. You are in a Spore. Everybody knows that Sporeans are loaded with money. And a Tower Master is just one step below Daxfox (see it on the top left corner box? The lean and hungry look of too much money and not enough real food) so am definitely overloaded with money. 

The money is called the goose down because here in the Spores they do really make use of goose downs to do business. And there's lots of goose downs in the Spore of Fox. You see the geese flying and flying in the background? Each time a goose flaps its wings, hundreds of goose downs drop from the its breast and float to the floor for people to pick up. But I do no picking. I use the goose down to stuff my pillow and mattress. And yet I have millions more to spare. That is the reason why I welcome you to the Spore of Fox. What reason? I need you to pick up the goose downs and take them away. I really want you to become a rich Sporean. So be smart. Join up now.

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