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Welcome to OverPower Land. Created: August 24, 1998. Last Updated: December 19, 2002. We're baaaaaaaaaaack.

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Strategy-- Okay, maybe a deck is the best way to win. Trading-- Even Arcc needs cards. Links-- If you hate this page, you'll probably hate these, too. Card Reviews-- Both Heroes and Locations. Fun for the whole family. Except grandma; old people aren't covered by my insurance. News-- If you heard it here first, you didn't go to the pages I usually visit. Homemade Heroes-- I like Bea Arthur. Poll-- So you can voice your opinions. Rants-- Everyone has opinions. These are mine. Strategy-- The best way to win. E-mail me. I'm lonely. The Guestbook- A websurfer can survive for upwards of 4 months on nothing but guestbooks. The Lational OP Lab-- OPL Award, November 1999