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Welcome to Dubars website. This is a collection of links and basic mudding information. I was a zone god on basternae and now i'm back to playing Duris. I also write my own zones and fix typos. How very exciting.

Basternae is dead. No idea if it will ever come back.

Thanks to Shae for the sweet banner!

How to edit an area file by hand

- click on it

-click on it

The Basternae Banner Ads - I found this link a few years ago off the old Basternae website. Since its public domain and the writers have been compensated for it, I have decided to not give credits to the zone writers as it is no longer my knowledge of whom wrote such wonderful art. I believe it was Threnody and Samosa, but those fudgepackers did a lot of wierd stuff, so it might not have been them. Maybe it was Veygoth....

One more thing, Basternae is a hard mud to find. Make sure you support it with your feedback on - Your support helps!

Mud Social Life (oxymoron?) 

Mudding friends of mine. - Just some basic information supplied to me by my mudding friends.

My Basternae Newbie Help Page - I made this with good intentions but it has turned into a kind of joke. If it helps you, great, if you are an experienced Mudder, you will either laugh at me or just laugh at how basic it is.

File Downloads  and zone information

Zone writing tools for Basternae

Version 3.10 of DE (the basternae zone creator) is currently out, you can find it at Veygoths Website

Wintin95 (the version that works with colors) - Available for download

My Zones and short descriptions of them - These zones were written for Basternae 2: Phoenix Rising, a great Pkill MUD

My client of choice: Wintin95, download it here


I have a few crappy logs (Hey, its all i have!)

Duris logs 2003

Some tips I've picked up over the years.

Old guild links - from 2 or 3 wipes ago, dunno if they even work anymore


My original page (links to old basternae guilds) - This was my first website, its pretty bad. Most of the links no longer work but you can access some cool old guilds' pages

A link to clan love tentacle a great old site

A link to The denizens of despair website - bast 2 wipe 1 logs ;)

zarkas' website - a great tool and reference guide to basternae and a healthy catalogue of logs. Nice site!

A link to Divine Souls Webpage - currently under construction

The history of my mudding. - Not sure what good this is but its pretty much the history of my Dubar character.

About my character(s) - This is kinda dumb, but whatever

There is no shame in losing, it just means you are a loser

Some Interesting Links

- Great free Email

Bob Dylan Rules! Click here for my Bob Dylan Link(s)

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- muhahahaha

NEW!! One of my favorite sites on the entire net has gotta be This is a great site with lots of funny shit on it. Check it out, you wont be sorry.

Some Cool Poems - More coming soon!!!

OK, for those who have been nagging at me for a stupid picture, here's my picture page.

Tony Hawk Underground Information

Diablo II Tome of Knowledge Page

I got my x-box mod'd recently. Heres a link to which has a lot of info on the mod that was done.

Wanna see my afro?click here for pictures

Some of my favorite things in the whole world

Some random link to jollython, a strange place with some pretty fucked up stuff on it. Think its done by a duris god, but i've been wrong once before and I will not admit to it.

Some stuff that makes me laugh.

A useful (?) diagram of some Subnetting. It's a chart, you might like it.

Pictures of my cat

Some duris links

Duris is the original bad ass pkill site

DURIS MAPS on Raxxels Site

Email me!

My ICQ is 28438088 and my AIM name is Dubaria

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