About Me
You really don't need to know my last name
GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well lets see what can I tell you about me. I am a 18 year old female who is currently going to school at Clemson University, in Clemson South Carolina. There I am studying to be a pre-vet major, so that when I graduate I can go on the vet school and become a vet. I love animals and have 5 pets of my own at this point in time. I have 4 cats named, Lisa, Squeaky, Maxie, and Harley, and 1 dog named Xena. All of which I love to death.

Right now I am rooming with my best friends since like 1st grade here at Clemson. She is studing to be something, Iam guessing something in the business field. She is a really cool roomate, (she does not complain to much.)

I am totaly obsessed with fanfiction and playing on the site called Neopets. I am normally doing one or both of these things all the time. I even made a web page about my little obseesion. (you can find the link on this page) I am also obsessed with cats and there fore I made a cat obsession web page. (link can also be found on this page)
My Obsession Page
My Cat Obsession Page
And if you really can't tell I also love Gundam Wing and Inuyasha!! Plus alot of other great anime shows and then I love some shows that are not anime like: Charmed, Alias, and Stargate SG-1. But that is just another obsession. (maybe I will do a page on that next)
My Sweet Babies:
Maxie & Harley
^ ^
= ' . ' =
My Neopet
This is my neopet Templar006. And if you click on him you can go to the Neopet home page and see about signing up with them.