Harn Page and Game Contacts

Hey !! some Art Samples that I've got and Game Contact Info for John

In Memory of my Friend Jason Bilka
A page of Remembrance

Programming Diary
- New restarted in the month of May 2004. I've a feature that follows the course of construction of my RPG game

Welcome! I've got a wide range of interests
French stuff - I fell in love with the language have acquired a fairly large vocabulaire.
Game Programming - I am working on a project now
TOTP - Tale of The Patriarch 2004 by Zoomie Games

It's an computer RPG that I am currently programming. It will have a zoom-in map when the PCs encounter NPCs or have an area they need to explore closely. There'll be a separate regional map that they'll wander about on and random encounters will be generated depending on the different terrains. As well I'm planning pre-set encounters, quick battle screens with different skirmish types and areas to explore.

ScreenShots of the new Iso Tile Editor

Patriarch Editor - Map Screen
Patriarch Editor - Character Screen just started
Sprite Editor and Tile Screen
Screenie of the Sprite Editor - Patriarch Sprite Editing
A screen of one of the new 3D models I've been working on
Alien Green Creature

========== On a separate project =============
Harn Armour Calculator is almost completed

Site Users

I've taken a look at the people who arrived at my site. GeoCities uses semi-accurate cookie info to give me the referring URL info.
I only get info from an ASP page not by someone just popping in.
Referring URL % of total shown
People from GameDev 75.7%
unknown 19.8%
Compuserve Forums 4.5%
I post a lot of messages in GameDev.Net and I think I have some people who've put me on their Favourites list.
The Programming Diary has also received a fair number of visitors related to directx and heightmaps.

Fave and Useful Links

Main Flightsims Page - Web-Page plus the collections of Missions for LOMAC and IL2:Sturmovik

Harn Discussion Page - Harn is the system that I use for role-playing.

MAJOR art resources - Where you can replenish your artistic soul!

GameDev.Net - Active and well-done game-programming site. Good Tutorials: 16 bit Alpha-blending Tutorial is great/Good Art Tutorials/Good Articles on Starting

Amit's Game Page
- Well-done game-programming site that works on game AI, scripting and hexmaps.

Dearest Cranky and his smart views on Movies
- Four-wheeling, off-roading, adventure travel in a Movie theatre

A list of RealAudio Stations on the Web
- You should be able to find one to suit your tastes in music

C'est La Vie
- A CBC program that in English gives weekly the goods on Quebec culture : Word of the Week and More!RealPlayer Needed

VideoGames in French/France
- Cool looking

Montreal Gazette - quebec english-language newspaper
- Some news, some views, some art

Voir - quebec french-language culture mag
- Cultural Hiking, rafting, and the great indoors


Blowing up halflings with potato guns.


Fantasy Hockey

French Stuff

Any Questions or comments??
Just e-mail me at my new e-mail address
zoomie _AT_ telus.net
jzoomiethomas@cs.com was my old e-mail address

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