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Welcome to Ghostdoll Productions, the headquarters for my game making operations. I plane to provide quality, enjoyable games for the Klick Community. You can navigate with the buttons to the right. Right now there is not much in the way of content, but good things come to those who wait. Check back every month or few weeks to see the improvements.


  08/25/00: I've joined a few webrings that will hopefully bring more hits to this site! I got done all the drawings for the template level of the demo for "Project Gear", and then I decided I didn't like them J . They did not animate well, so I started over. All I have drawn now is the basic form of Iron Wolf, the main character. He is still undergoing major changes, like coloring and shading, and animations, but I have an 8 directional shot of him in the screenshots for project gear. Check it out for a glimpse into the future!

 08/21/00: Hehe, well, I'm a lazy updater! Anyway, I was looking around my computer and came across an almost finished platform game. Well, I finished it and didn't update. I also submitted it to the click cafe a while ago. Anyway, it's up now. I also stopped working on Virus. I just thought that it was a stupid idea. I'll probably use a different story for a game that's basically the same, with a setting in fantasy instead. However, work is good on Project Gear, and coming along. Ill have screenshots up sometime soon. And then I'll have an example level for a demo.





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