You are about to enter into a realm where the normal laws and morals of everyday society have been shit on and smeared in the faces of the powers and Gods that control the lives of men today. This shouldn't be too surprising...or maybe it should be. Either way, I hope all who pass through the next few page will take something with them that they didn't have before. Whether it be complete disgust, a hatred for the author and creator of this site (ME), a complete respect for Those from Beyond the Stars, a new understanding of humanity in its truest of forms, or nightmares that will haunt them for days or weeks to come I will have achieved my goal.

This page contains graphic material that may offend some. The stories on the following pages deal with vampires, werewolves, Vikings, death, murder, rape, gore, Satanism, and there are a few dirty words. Due to this, I will have to ask you to enter at your own free will. Do not hold me responsible for any offense you may receive by viewing the stories herein.

The views stated in these stories ARE NOT (necessarily) reflections of my own. These stories are just dreams that I have and have put on paper for the enjoyment of the public.

If you are someone with a closed mind or someone who may take offense at the material herein, I ask you to leave the way you came. Do not hold me responsible for YOUR mistake.

Thank you. Enjoy the stories.