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Welcome to Lord Chaos's site


Whoa...You actually managed to find my extremely crappy home page, thats great. I don't understand why I bother to make a page focused around me in general, maybe it's because I was enthusiastic about it at a certain time and now I can give a shit less. Well then, since your here, might as well feel free to check out some of the stuff that you can actually do here, if not nothing. If nothing here suites your interest, then might as well click the back button on your browser now. However, if you are into the things I'm into, then I guess this page isn't as worthless as I think it may be. The only thing really worth visiting is probably my Magic page, which just might become useful. Other than that, thanks for visiting...

Possible the GREATEST R.T.S. ever made...

Blizzard's page kicks ass, you should check it out. (Click on the SC title bar)

Shit I made:

This is a page I made with a partner in web design class, It includes an article on Real Time Strategy games and some cool links and animation. Check it out if you like RTS games.
My Final Fantasy 8 Review : Speaks for itself.
My MTG page : It's got a list of the current decks I have...not much. I might list some combos when I feel like it.

Links I suggest:

www.dragonstudios.com : Get Apprentice and we can play magic online.
www.cerebral-link.com/magicdb : This guy makes an excellent MTG freeware...
www.battle.net : I also am on this cause I play Starcraft and/or Brood War all the time. Note this is a link to the SITE not one of the actual battle.net servers.

Metallica F**king Rocks

My ICQ# is...41840215
On AIM my name is...FF7kixASS
Email me at

This is my Metallica page, check it out.

It's finished, pretty much...
Click HERE to go to olga.net, a HUGE archive of various guitar tabs!

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