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The Death Trap
by Forest Drake
   It was a night unforgettable by my kin and I, for I am all that is left of the clan Waverntamer.  We went on our walk through the forest of Faydark.  It was a clan tradition to do so when the gods allowed a beautiful sky.  We would stay in the forest till the sun started to fall.  It was at this part of the day the on slaught of my clan and kin took place.  I was but a mer child on this night.  We herd strange calls or growls of something coming from a near by vally. Thinking mayhap one of our brothren of the forest was in danger we rushed to its aid.  I could not keep up as my kin ran faster and faster, I soon lost sight of them.  I still ran hopeing I would soon find my family or town.  I was too late.
    I arrived at a small clearing to find a bloody massacre.  Their bodies lay sprawled out all over the ground, their belongings scattered.  I slowly moved out of the forest to see if any were still alive.  Only my uncle lived.  He soon died, me in his arms. His last words "REVENGE."  I wept till the light from the rising sun shone through and brought me back from my memories to the forest and my dead kin.  I was still gathering what I could carry when the lowering of the sun accured.  I vowed revenge on those that led my kin and clan into this death trap.  Armed with my fathers Minitor Axe, my mothers gold and silver, and other coins, and my uncles armor.
    By the time I made town the sun was on a secound rise.  I told the guards about what had occured two nights past.  He in return told me the town had been attacked by a small group of orcs.  There where no reported casualties until mine.  A band of guards set out to retrieve the bodies of my kin.  The next rise of the sun my kin, clan, and only friends were buried.  I set out to begin my destiny of stopping the orcs and all evil.
    I fought skeletons and other evils until I had the skill to take on an orc on my own.  Then I had my first encounter with my enemy.  I tracked one of there pawn through the forest.  I spotted him, my blood boild, he never saw me swing down my fathers mighty axe and split the back of his head in two.  I felt a warm fealing inside as I could sense one of my kins soul go free.  He had been one of the ones there that night.  I searched his body for anything that might lead me back to my family's murderers, I found only silver.  After many battles I have found out that it is the leader of these orcs from Crush Bone that led his men that night.  I then swore that I would kill him and all his orc clan and more important his kin.  I still fight this day in hopes one day I'll  be strong enough to defeat him and his kind for good.