Sepdet's Goodies

When I helped start the Perseus web site in 1993, most web pages were educational, informative, or pictures of people's cats. Many things have improved: Yahoo is no longer just a one-page list of bookmarks. Unfortunately, progress has come at a price: the commercialization of the net. Now, I'm as happy as you are that we can book tickets and order books at the click of a mouse. But I still believe in the guiding principle of the web's infant stage: everyone who benefits from it should give something back.

My own contributions are modest, but such as they are:

  • How to build a pyramid kite
  • A compiled list of good web sites on Egypt
  • My web tricks (Also see my beginner's HTML guide written for a high school class I volunteered to teach)
  • Translations of Sappho's poetry
  • Myst III: Exile Hints and Walkthrough

    On the lighter side, here are some funny quotes and student bloopers.

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