Sepdet’s Scribbles

Herein are miscellaneous works in various stages of polish.

The Tale of Two Jackals
A brief retelling of an ancient Egyptian fable, at least 3000 years old.
Not my usual style, but this vignette (a prose poem?) is my best work.
Androids, Philosophers, and Other Demons of the Ancient World
A short story I wrote as an undergraduate; suggestions welcome. Wouldn't you like to go back in time to the Library of Alexandria?
Sparrow's Scratchings
Poems and scraps from my journal. Most of this is old.
I did not create this world; it was a gift inherited from my Bryn Mawr forebearers. But I helped write and steer it during my college years, and I miss it.
And finally...


Ellen Brundige © 1998

This has been the work of many years. Unfortunately it has also been the work of tender years; I've written a three hundred page tome twice, once in 7th grade, once in high school, and neither version was worth the paper it was printed on. After an amicable separation of ten years, I'm trying again to chuck out every bit of tripe and start anew. There are however a few excerpts of the old I haven't quite been able to part with, like old ugly pieces of furniture.

This is a labor of love. It is not my best writing. But these are my family, the brothers and sisters I played with and scribbled and drew across the pages of my notebooks and schoolbooks from second grade onwards. It is my hope that they have grown up with me enough to "play well with others". Comments and criticism are welcome.

Read, browse, and enjoy.

Chapters posted so far:

character sketches

Oh yes. What's the book's name? I'm afraid it started out as (hey, I was 11!) Children of Atlantis, and right now the bound version by my bed says Pandora's Children, which I suppose will play in Peoria. Hopefully by the time it's done I'll have found something a little better.