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4/7 - Congratulations to Grandmaster Isfaus on 60.

4/4 - Congratulations to Tenasi on 60! Been a long time coming, one more druid to Protection of the Glade's the "Casters Who Despise Aegolism, local 495".

Be sure to ask Mistress Laladena for Koadic's Endless Intelect, since it now lasts well over three hours. Just ignore her afk messages, they aren't for you, they're for all those level 60 druids begging for C3 *grin*

3/31 - We helped Arkaine wrap up Giantbane this weekend, congrats gnome! Now we just need to kill some giants. In addition, Obilaan got his uber rare cards to complete a robe from the Plane of Mischief so hopefully he'll be sporting a new robe soon.

Congrats to Sir Ramalen! Congrats to Sumadare, August, and Baramore on Baron!

3/29 - Another Howling Stones AE pciture.

3/24 - Trawling in Howling Stones

3/20 - This evening Nysalor completed the quest for Greenmist, the Unholy Khukri of Rile, previously only usable by iksar, now available to shadow knights of all races.

3/13 - Congrats to Jedi-troll Bahsh on his new lightsabers of doom! We successfully waxed Severilious for him, and he's now wielding the uber red and blue swords!

We took down Yael as well, congrats to Iago on one of the last pieces for his uber shoulders.

Congrats to Kalanis on Veteran!

3/5 - Welcome our latest member, Arkaine. I know he's a gnome, but he'll make a great addition to our team.

Congrats to Bahsh on level 60!

2/25 - We accomplished a lot this past weekend on a marathon run of revents. We raided Tolapumj and the sebilite protector for several hours, proceeded to City of Mist for quick reaver bashing, killed Xenovorash in Lake of Ill Omen for Isfaus (congrats on your Celestial Fists!), and slaughtered more stuff in Umbral Plains.

The next day, we had a ninja Chardok royalty raid. Congrats to Neahmiah and Dahlea on their cleric notes, Khrystalia on her prince's head, and Bahsh and Ooob on their queen blades!

Congrats to Laladena on Baroness.

2/17 - Spent a lot of time in the Halls of Testing this weekend. Congrats to Shadowsquirt and Roshamon on their new breastplates. Be sure to poke our latest Heirophant for Protection of the Glades, Sumadare will love it! Congrats Suma.

2/14 - Congrats to Huntress Sorilea. Clearly too much time on her hands.

2/10 - We attempted Derakor the Vindicator today, had an awesome time learning on him. Several wipeouts, but everyone was in good spirits and wanted to keep at it. He'll soon fall to the might of the Templars!

1/31 - Congrats to Ramalen and Kalanis on Baron!

1/26 - Belated congrats to Tenasi for completing your Nature Walker's Scimitar!

We haven't had much luck taking down dragons recently, nor the Rhags that don't like to spawn, but we had a ton of luck and fun in Ssra Temple. Congrats to all the new spell owners. A big thanks to our friends at Healer's United as well, hope you guys enjoy all those new spells!

Congrats to Aurthur and Mekell on Baron.

1/21 - Congrats to Maija for completing your Nature's Defender!

1/15 - A group of us raided Grieg's End last night, wandered around through this insane zone, exploring a bit more. We found a neat item, which Nysalor has, that we may be able to leverage later.

Afterwards, four of us took down Uulump for Tenasi, was quite fun! Congrats Tenasi, and congrats to Vrelic on Baron!

1/14 - Congrats to Ramalen and Kalanis on reaching level 60! Also, Woru is going to be killing himself a lot soon with Cannibalize V, be sure to get screen shots!

1/07 - We had a ton of fun this weekend raiding several zones, including Ssra Temple both Friday and Sunday. We tried the Caller quest in Fungus Grove many times, had a blast. We also hit Akheva Ruins, Maiden's Eye, and Grieg's End. Speaking of which, some entertaining pictures for your viewing pleasure:

A hearty welcome back to some faces that have been absent for a while, Fyonna and Polynices!

Congrats to Sir Nysalor and Baron Mcorrv too!

1/03 - Tons of leveling going on! Luclin appears to be perfect for a guild like ours. Congrats on 60 to Aurthur, Enkor, Mekell. Congrats on Veteran to Sorilea and Woru. Congrats to Nysalor on Baron, soon to be Veteran!

Spent a bunch of time this past week exploring lots of areas, such as Akheva Ruins, Maiden's Eye, Ssra Temple, The Deep, Umbral Plains, The Grey, and Acrylia Caverns.

11/04 - A group of us hit the new Chardok, spent several hours in deep. We've been spending a lot of time there, the newly revamped zone is very nice.

Congrats to Woru and Mcorrv on their Trakanon teeth!

10/25 - Most Emerald Templars are off playing Dark Age of Camelot, so you likely won't see much of us until Shadows of Luclin comes out.

10/14 - Congrats to Mcorrv for becoming an Assassin!

9/26 - Well, I finally got off my lazy bum and converted a bunch of images from bitmaps to jpegs. The first that need to be shared are of Iago's run through the North Temple of Veeshan to the entrance of the Plane of Mischief. Enjoy, and thanks again Iago and Vrelic.

9/4 - We had a lot of fun this weekend, raiding Dragon Necropolis, Siren's Grotto, Chardok, Icewell, and Sebilis.

8/30 - We had a blast tonight raiding the Halls of Testing. Lots of armor drops (14) in the small amount of time we were there. Awesome job all around, and we hope to repeat this success soon!

Congrats to our newest level 60's! Nysalor and Cartasia join the ranks of the xp gimp group!

8/19 - We've had tons of people leveling recently in the Plane of Mischief. Congrats to Iago for finally making level 60! In general, our list of 60's is quite impressive: Iago, Alcar, Asron, August, Baramore, Vrelic, Kaylan, Laladena, Polynices, Shadowsquirt, Sorilea, and Woru. On top of that, we have plenty more fast on their heels!

6/16 - The Alliance of Emerald Templars, Shadows of the Unseen, Descendents of Virtue and Stormriders mustered an army which took out Dozekar the Cursed for the first time on Quellious:

4/5 - The Emerald Templars and friends cleared the Plane of Sky this past weekend! Here are some images of the final boss mobs for your viewing pleasure: