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Former World Champion
Skull Krusher Hints On A
Return To EIW

March 4, 2002
By Super Calo
EIW News Correspondent

Inside sources within the EIW home office have leaked this exclusive news story!  Skull Krusher has been in negotiations with Col Slick regarding a possible return to Extreme Indoor Wrestling.  While nothing concrete has been decided, the general front office consensus is that Skull Krusher will make his return sometime the summer of 2002.

Skeptics wonder what place Skull Krusher will have in the new EIW.   WIth combatants like Ginseng Sullivan, Ignatius Love, and El Gato, will Skull Krusher rise to dominance as quickly as his last tenure with the federation? 

Fans across the globe have been speculating about the possibility of a rematch between Skull Krusher and current World Heavyweight Champion Gorgeous Greg.  Wrestling experts all argue their epic feud was never quite resolved.   The political story behind Skull Krusher's release (click here for the full story) prevented the angle to end properly.  Many EIW fans were left empty as they felt GG and SK had not yet performed the legendary match the hype and previous matches had hinted at.

As of now, the return of Skull Krusher is merely a rumor, but my sources are usually correct.  More on this story as it develops!

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