my music:

red (sustainiac stealth, vg-8, gr-33, mpx-1, wp-20g) 4.6mb
pwm (sustainiac stealth, vg-8, gr-33, mpx-1) 4.7mb
sr64 (sustainiac stealth, vg-8, gr-33) 4.1mb
arachara (sustainiac stealth, vg-8, gr-33, px-3) 1.3Mb
gugu (gr-33, px-3) 0.8Mb
silentHill (sustainiac stealth, vg-8) 2.4mb
ebowFlute (plus ebow, piccolo flute) 1.0mb
jHarm (sustainiac stealth, vg-8, chromatic harmonica) 0.9mb
vectorQuantization (sustainiac stealth, vg-8, gr-33) 5.4mb

tusi tatuska

played on carvin dc127 guitar
you can get info about the sustainer system i'm using called Sustainiac Stealth from Maniac Music
or Harmony Central: The Electric Guitar Pickup Database
or just email me

dominik blacha