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Welcome to the Realm of the Inquisitor. Clicking on the Image below takes you into my site.

This site is being deciphered by our Astropaths and many of the pages have not yet materialised from the warp - However please feel free to enter and have a look around, to see what is coming soon.

Welcome to my Realm! This site is dedicated to The Emperor, Warhammer 40000 and associated games, but also at this site you will find information, images, Links and articles on a number of subjects. This site mainly deals Warhammer 40000 and my own Chapter but includes sections on Star Trek and my views on life and the World. In addition to this I have dedicated a whole section to Trade meaning that you are able to trade freely with one another with out reprisals from the Adeptus Arbites.

E-mail the Inquisitor @:THE (nearly)BLACK LIBRARY

To know Peace is to know Death, but to know War is to know Peace!

Remember Warhammer 40000 isn't just a hobby it's a life.

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