Never Trust A Happy Sadist!
Never trust a happy sadist.
Good advice, if you ask me. But you're not. So I'll leave it at that and change topics.
Hi. I'm Katie. Also known as Kat, Mistay, Onyx, J'aime, Mischief Maker, Trouff's Pillow, Pillsbury Doughgirl, Golden Dragon, Mini-Marine, Dumbshit... the list goes on and on, and I won't bore you with all of my nicknames. This is pretty much just a photo gallery of mine - I hope you like, and you're welcome to leave comments in the guestbook if you feel like it.
Last Days
These pictures are of the last few days of school at FTHS' 2001-2002 school year.
In September '01, me, my sister, and my mom went to Hawaii. And this was our rental car.
Dad & I went for a nice long ride on the Nomad one day, up in the hills behind Ojai. And since we had the camera with us, we took pics.
Just the Nomad
And the bike all by itself - speaks for itself.
... souls have perished here. Beware!
Shannon's birthday/christmas present to me for 2001 was a trip to the Napa Auto Parts 500 in Fontana. Here're my fav pics from that fateful day...
Kat on the Nomad
Now I've got my poems, prose, and pictures online! Woohoo!
I love these bands - give 'em a listen!
Little Known Fact
AIM Expressions
I sometimes go on a creativity binge - and I often make AIM Expressions, or themes. Here they are, enjoy.
And don't be mean or I'll bite your nose off.