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Welcome, Brother Marines. This site is deicated to Dark Angels
and Ravenwing armies.  I , myself, have seperate Ravenwing
and Dark Angel armies. Here in are photos' of my army and
tips on painting and conversions I have done. The conversions
all have instructions on have to so you can do them too.  Also
battle reports from me and other Brother Dark Angels will posted
as they become available.  I have been with the Ravenwing for a months now and have learned alot of tactics for them but experience in battle is key. If possible watch your enemy play someone else prior to your battle. You have to conduct that leaders recon, read there codex find their weaknesses and exploit them. Fast attack them to death. Out flank out manuaver them, make them react to your attack. Deep strike with your Landspeeders, Tank Shock them into the ground, CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES!



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