Ravenwing Motorpool
*Caution Eye and Hearing protection required*
This is easy too. This is a devastator with a ravenwing
bikers torso. On the inside I cut out the right legs and filed
down the lower torso to give him a foot rest. Note the safety
chain going his waist. It really works too. You will have to
bent the ammo belt out alittle.
Another easy one. The eagle is from BGF(Battle Fleet
Gothic of which I also have a Dark Angel fleet). The
techmarine is from the blood angel command group.
My friend plays blood angels and give him to me. And
add chain where you want too.
Before pic and below is a after Pic
The fig pictured here is a standard landspeeder with
cyclone missile launcher added making it a Typhoon
Class Landspeeder. Note the black pianted fig that is
a Apothecary from the blood angel command squad.
I sawed the legs off but kept the holster and his left
arm intact. I purchased the saw at your local hardware
store for around $5.00 american. It is a simple mod
and as soon as it is pianted I will post a pic.
These two guys are from my Dark Angels ground forces.
Note Veteran Sergeant Yuri Yelling at Grand Master
Azrael about no Eye and Hearing protection.hehehe
A nearly completed Apothecary landspeeder note absent
of ground sensor. That is so he can land to help his
Brother Marines.