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UPDATE 5/27/02 I know, I know, I'm taking forever on SMLT. And I still have the same old excuse: I don't have the motivation to hammer out chapters quickly. For additional excuses, see Krista's, the author of Hearts of Ice. I agree with her reasoning completely. But, here are a few changes. No more Fanfic of the Months. Too much trouble. However, I am on a Harry Potter kick so here's my take: Horse. Just a little depression for the world today. I'll try to get some more stuff out soon.

UPDATE 1/04/01 While I will only post my own stories on this site (I've been down the road of putting up others; that was a bit too much trouble), I do feel like I should, somehow, give tribute to those fanfics I have found great. Each month (this is open to see if I want to do it more often), I will post my "fanfic of the month." I'll give the author as well as link to the story. I'll also try to put in a review and my thoughts on the story. I hope everyone will like this, and if you do, send me some comments on how I could make this, as well as the rest of the site, better and more convenient.

UPDATE 12/30/00 Well, since it is taking so long to complete Part Two (that's not a good sign) I decided to release chapters instead of waiting for the whole part to be completed. Chapters One and Two are out today, and I'm thinking Three will be released in early January. Don't hold me to it, though. Whether or not I continue to release SMLT this way is dependent on how much writers' block I have. I'm also starting on a new Ranma 1/2 series, Lifehouse, based on the songs by Lifehouse. It will be a chronological series, not just a bunch of side stories I throw out.

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