All i can say is there is a new site comming.. I hated this peace of crap site, so im making a new one...!!!

12/31/99 HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!
Oh to a ton of news. Ive been gone for along time, i know... hehehe/ Well lets see were to start, Well it's the new Millienium... (i have 6 hours left) And I hope ther arn't any terrorist out there going to do anything stupid.. PLEASE USE COMMON SENCSE!!!!! And Im affiliated with HLI. I know some of there units almost look like mine. Speeking of units, i have some up. hehehe and a building. I think they look pretty, exspecially the Terran Guncraft.. THAT THING IS GOING TO KICK BUTT!!!. Oh there's a new game coming out, SUBTITANS. Go to this link here to see my buddies site. (This game is going to be big) I hope i didn't forget anything.... hehe oh HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

12/23/99 I know Your going to Kill ME!!
Ok I'll put it this way, If you don't have half-life, well then I pity you, hehe, Ok news update. the new tank is almost complete and the wraith is getting make up, so there should be a units pre view anytime now.. Ok that should be efficient
StormWatch-signing out.

12/16/99 Welcome the New Guys
First I would like to welcome the new guy, DC_Guy, He is going to be doing all the S-D-G-and Arsenal 3 work. Everyone say welcome.. hehe. Well I'm going to be go for 3 days, tournament for basketball. (hope we win) well got to go CYA!! Oh and Clado Coro has joined to, another S-D-G-and Arsenal 3 worker.
StormWatch-signing out

12/14/99 Help?
It would be nice if I had some help?  PLEASE!!!! IM HIRING!!!!  Well anyway I have change the archive section to a submit section, I realized that keeping a archive is to hard. hehe. I'm planning to get the unit's page up, I sure all you people are ding to see it. hehe. I hope to have the forum up by the end of the week, (aahhh that would be nice, so then I could get some input on the site and the new units) well cya, bedtime Oh and one more other thing, I updated the gallery.
StormWatch-signing out

12/13/99 More Updates
Ok I add the staff list and contact list and a Mp3 song that I might use in the TC.  I also add some pictures to the gallery IM still working, after all it's my first day. Right?
StormWatch-signing out

12/13/99 Here We Go'
Let see, finished up all the rest of the pages. It's pretty bare, well I think it's good. I'll be adding on shortly, and IM STILL LOOKING FOR STAFF, email me at IM looking fall all sorts of people.  Hope you like the site, it mite change a couple more times. Well Seya!
StormWatch-signing out

12/12/99 Success Baby!!!
Finally I get this site up. Yup this is for my New TC, Evolutionary Combat, and yes I am hiring people to work for me,. Applications are just around the corner. Yes I know I this site takes forever to upload, well tuff dodo.  This front page took me an hour to Create. SO HAHA!!! Well anyway it's late and IM going to bed... yawn goodnight to all....
StormWatch-signing out.

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