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Rage of the Dutch Fisherman campaign is in progress (roughly 65% done)


October 29/99

MArk-T: "Uh...just wanted to say that we are working alot latly on our RotDF campaign. And fuck guy, we still can`t find enogth voice actors, so please, help us if you can. Send your mp3 or wav samples to ME
Ex-T won`t update this site too often now, so for latest news, updates and info go to CC site. You can find us in AoK section of their girant website. So long people.

October 27/99

Ex-T: "Howdy people, I got 2 good and 1 very good news for you today:
1. We have finally found some Voice actors, so our campaign production is going very well...
2. We got 650 downloads total, recieved 31 response, and 4 bug reports. This is shows that people like our DEMO, and this also guarantee that they will love our campaign.
Now the very good news:
Our team is now a member of Campaign Creations. WOW. Therefore, now you will be able to find all info about our upcoming campaign in CC Ageof Kings section. So, in 2 days check CC site out for our campaign update. MArk will post all info on the campaign including F.A.Q section, Story,



October 25/99

MArk-T: " Hoi, and big thank you to all you who send us your review, comments, bugs reports or just played our demo. We are really appriciate this, by the way, our site got around 150 clicks yesturday, damn I should have put some sort of sponsor do the download link, heh. Anyway...we got around 30 responses by now, BUT no one wanna help us with sound. PEOPLE, WE NEED SOME VOICE ACTORS !!!
And by the way, some falks said that our demo was the best thing we have ever seen. Heh, wait untill you see our campaign, we are using the best possible and inposibble trigeres methods to create it. IT`s gonna be one of the best camapign for AoK, I can promise you that!!!



October 24/99
Ex-T: " Our RPG demo is out, go and get it. We spent about 20 hours for these 20 minutes of a kick ass gameplay. This demo is one day late course I had spent about 6 hours today fixing all these fucking bugs, now it`s here and bugs free, so ....enjoy.
MArk-T: " Go for the demo NOW! We need some voice actors for upcoming AOK campaign, so if you like our demo and wanna help us with your voice, then e-mail to Me or Ex.


October 22/99
Ex-T: "Our RPG demo for AOK is basicly done, I am gonna test it with my friends over LAN tonisght, so tomoroow you will be able to find it in Downloads section. Guys, I am telling you, You GONNA LOVE IT.
One more thing I wanna to appologise for my AOK STUFF section, I have lost all the stuff I did for It and now I am too exited by out AOK campaign to remake all that shit I done, so I guess you woudn`t find article which I wrote about Bin hacking on this monday. You can read one by DI from CampaignCreations, IT`s much better then mine was.
October 21/99
Ex-T: "I have made a suck ass AOK editing section over night, well....actually I took lots of sruff from other sites, put around 10 links and some information about upcoming campaign by AOK PUNK (me+ Mark). We gonna put 1st AOK fan RPG map by us in 2 days for download, we can guarantee you will like it. We wanna set a very high level of AOK map making from the begging, so all other map makerrs out there will not make some crappy shit map.

October 20/99

MArk-T: " Hey falks. Sorry about not ubdaiting this site for a while. I gone crazy over AOK, I played it and played it and played it for 2 weeks, after that spend few days experimenting with campaign editor. Did few hacking things. I put all I figure out about it + few advice on how to hack it and change units name and stats. By the way if you are woundering there the hell is Ex, I tell you. Gyt got very drunk and almost broke his head rellerbaliding. He spent a week in a hospital. Few hours ago he gotback, but he`s already almost done with Joan of Ark campaign."
Ex-T: "Hey guys, just a small advise : IF YOU DRINK DON`T SCATE !!! I am an expert roller scater and I have not fall in 2 years, that accident really got me thinkin...."

October 6/99

Ex-T: " I have remake this site, so now it lookes much kewler.

October 3/99

Ex-T: " Soon, very soon, actualy in a few weeks or so the best campaign for StarCraft by ORACLE will be relized. I am talking about Legacy of Confedearcy Episode II. Check Campaign Creations site in a few days.

October 1/99

Ex-T: "Finaly, this site is fully functional, I spent huge amount of time preparing it, and today finally It`s done. Go and check it out. The other big news is that my work on Jhonny`s story compaign is 75% compyte at this date. Also, I have put new Wing Commander betta for d/l. What I really need now is to find some goddamn voice actors for both Jhonny and Wing. You can try Jhonny`s story privew, go d/l a cutscene from chapter 2, check in few days for updates, if you wanna help with your voice go HERE"
MArk-T: "Fuck, this site rulez now. I am gonna get very drunk with Ex today. We`ll celebrating our opening,. If you wanna join us then bring your own boost and chill with us"

September 27/99

MArk-T: "Big HEY to all punks out there, Ex was too fucking busy to post today so I do this for him. We desided to put 'Jhonny`s story' preview for D/l. It`s one of our cutscenes from chapter 2. It`s 10 minutes in length show with more than 2000 units taking part in it, 1 awesome soundtrack by OFFSPRING, and lots of conersation. [All dialog were wrote and recorded by ~ORACLE~ we coudn`t find any Voice actors, so we temporary used his sound files. WE are both very sorry ORACLE, plz find it in yourself to firgive two big assholes: me and ex.] Go to Jhonny`s story section and d/l it, it worth its size"

September 26/99

Ex-T: "Wow guys, I have recieved about 40 letters from you with lots of idias, suggestions, and some other usefull shit. I am sorry that I can`t awnser to each of you personally, so I wanna thank all of you for your idias and espesially these of you who want to help me. So, about few of yours idias which I`ll enclude in this compaign: giant battles (100 marines vs 500 zerlings), Full voice briefings, Lots of nukes, Few 1 man commando mission, Lots of cutscenes, New terran weapons, Lots of RPG elements, LOTS OF AND I MEAN LOTS OF PUNK punk rock, metal, hardcore sound tracks and couple new portraits"

September 20/99

Ex-T: "I have started to work on a new project, terran compaign. I was tired of lame compaign out there, couse most of them sucked. They weren`t real: for example, zerg were killing everyone around and terran marine said: "We got to run or zerg will kill us all!". This is fucking LAME, in my compaign marine would say: "Shit, we got to make run for it, these zerg motherfucker woudn`t have my ass for a dinner tonight." Second lame thing: I am tired of all that melle type maps with 5 lacotaions and 10 triggers. Fuck dudes, lets try to make something better, like LofC by ~ORACLE~, or EDAST by DESLER. I am going to make something real, the wildest compaign out there. If you guys wanna help or you have any suggestions write me HERE"
MArk-T: "Uh....just wanted to say that I have finished mission 3 a and 3 b for the Wing Commander 2 scenario and I am gonna test it the whole day tommorow on B-Net, come to channel SC PUNK if you wanna be part of it, pleaze don`t come if you have fucked up connection or if you have never heard about Wing Commander"