11/06/01 Night made a picture for his character, Grey Terin. I've put it up on his page.

11/02/01 Work's getting easier, so I've got a little bit of time to do updating! Well, that is when I'm not working... They're not working me harder, just more often.

Anyhow, what's new for this update? Well, I added a new character to the BESM rpg that I'm running. Yeah. So... any time now... when we can get all the players together... *glares players, then glares at himself in the mirror* ...we'll have our first session.

10/26/01 Another update today. Yes, that's right. Another minor little piddling thing gets its mention. The RPG page now has a fourth Player Character added.

Blarg. I would update more often, but I've been really tired as of late. Yeah. It's true. Mostly 'cause I've got a job now. Yup. That's true, too. I applied last Friday (a week ago today), got called in on Saturday for an interview, and they called me back a couple of hours later and asked me to come in for work that same night. Suffice it to say, the work schedule hasn't eased since.

Oh, where am I working right now? Planet X. It's a mall affiliate of the whole Gamestop company, which is, in turn, a subdivision of Barnes and Noble. It's pretty keen. I can get discounts on video games and books! ...But the workload is hella. Hella what? Just hella. Mall stores really suck to work in around Christmas time. Sure, sure, you say it isn't Christmas time yet, but there're people out there man... They're out there right now... Buying Christmas presents... Raiding the stores... They're EVIL! EVIL, I tell you! EEEEEEEEVIIILLLLL!!!!!

Well, that's enough of that. I made this post at early o'clock in the morning, so I'm a bit irritable.

...I'm gonna go now.

10/19/01 Woo! More update-ness! My links page actually has links now. Can you believe it? A links page with links on it! What a novel idea! ...Anyhow, that's pretty much all for this update. Just the links. It's sure to be exciting stuff... in my pants! ...Sorry about that; I relapsed into humor. But really, some of those sites are really great. You should visit at least a couple of them. Mainly Ozy and Millie and The Mike Site because I said so. Anyhow, I'll let you get back to your business.

10/15/01 Well whaddaya know? It happened. The update, I mean. Yeah, I added some stuff to the Role-Playing section of the page. Just a bunch of stuff for a Big Eyes, Small Mouth campaign I'm going to be running. For more information, click on the link to my Role-Playing section. Do it! Do it now! You know you want to....

10/08/01 Major update today. You'll notice that the page looks a bit different. Most of the pages that are linked on the side do practically nothing. I'm working on that.


Keep watching for future updates. Hey, it could happen.