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Dear friends Change happens to us all and life sometimes throws us balls we must catch. Just as a moth must one day become a butterfly, so too must my metamorphosis occur. I regret to inform, my most revered of web surfers, that my life is about to move on. I am in the process of moving house, and unfortunately will not be able to update this site for a while. This is not to say this site is dead - only it wont be altered for a while. If you wish your name to be added to the mailing list, see inside for details, and I will contact you with update information..Please feel free to look around. I regret that some of the old "online" indicators will remain blank for a while yet, and the web cam is out of action. Please enjoy yourself, and tell your friends :) Kind regards. Capt.

All new game!
Captain Stable presents... "Find the Fish" a new game for all the family. Hidden on my site somewhere will be a fish looking exactly like the the one above.
Once you find Freddy - click on him to learn how to claim your prize..

A new poll!
As regular surfers will know I recently introduced a Meat Loaf poll to my site - well now it is joined by... 2 new Meat Loaf unrelated polls! Click left for the first one - and below for the Miles Davis debate
(The meat loaf one is inside and reproduced below for your double peasure :-) !)

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The home page of my Girlfriend.
What more need I say? Go look now!

Lurk's Hideout.
Don't go there.. he hates cats. Ok - just remember I did warn you..(ooh - and send him mail telling him that I think he smells.. ok - thanks :) ooh yeah and another thing - he is DEFINATLY lying about that cup of tea thing..)

A Miles Davis debate 2001 is the tenth anniversary of the death of one of music's greatest figures, Miles Davis. Miles changed the face of music - not once, but 4 times in his life.
But was it just a bag of pants?
So, could Miles Davis really play that trumpet - or was he just messing around on it, blowing raspberrys and stuff?
He helped to create Cool Jazz - He deserves all respect due to him
It's just noise!
The Miles Davis sound is an auditory assault on the senses ! Delightful!
No way! He can't play that thing for toffee - he's just having a laugh!
But he changed music 4 times in his life!
Changed his pants more like! And that Bitches Brew.. wake me up when it's over
Miles Davis is the most talented trumpet player EVER!
Didn't he play the priest in the CannonBall Run films?

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The infamous MEAT LOAF debate... It was in 1993 that Jim Steinman finally worked with Meat Loaf again and produced a hit album entitled "Bat out of Hell 2 - back into Hell" which spawned several hit singles. One of those singles was entitled "I'd do anything for Love (But I won't do that)".
So - what would Meat Loaf NOT do for love??
Kill her husband
Read a book
Eat a Tuna and Beetroot sandwich
Stop loving her
Drive to Albuquerque
Dress like a banana and put an orange on his head
well... just "that"!

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