To all returning visitors....
can you tell that I love this background yet?:)

As you can see I'm obsessed with horses and unicorns.  People who have been here  before know that I'm not reliable with updates, they can be few and far between but I'm attempting to change that.

Just a warning... I have been known for being sarcastic and negative, or so my parents say...

There will be more pics if and when my dad ever gets us a new scanner.  If you would like to know what happend to the old one please check the updates page.

But anyways I have found that I have a bad habit of saving pictures and forgeting where I got them from.  If any of these are yours please give me your e-mail and webpage and I'll get them linked or at least credited to you.  

Anyways i would really like to start up a page for fanfiction. The stories I would really like to post are Star Wars, Farscape and The Lost World.  If you have any just send them to me at or use the link found on all my pages.

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Friday February 28th, 2003

Yay!!!!! You're going to talk to me!!!
Dec.3rd 2003

Bad me! Bad!

Yeah I know it's been most of a year since I've updated but this time I really have had reasons!  Don't look at me that way!  I really did!  Spending the summer in England was one of them.   I've worked my butt off all summer for next to nothing unless you consider a $100/6 day week a lot of money.  I know I don't.
Anyways I'm now back at school and midterms are over so it's time to give this baby an overhaul just like my car's doing on wednesday if Canadian Tire doesn't try to screw me over.

On another note, I seem to be getting very... odd responses in my guestbook, many seem to be little more than advertising and spam.  Whether it's by one or more people I don't know.  Whoever you are....STOP IT!  it looks really weird and eventually I will remove them.

Dec, 7th 2003

I don't really have anything to say at the moment other than when I figure out how to edit my guestbook I'm deleting all those stupid entries put in by companies,  I don't know why they're there especially the german one,  the only other language I speak is Latin and a little bit of very bad Japanese that I've picked up from fanfics.   Go away you annoying people!
Does anyone care what ends up on this site at all?  I see the hit counter's gone up quite a bit but still no relevant entries in the guestbook, forget what I told you about e-mailing me, I see to many people with too much time on their hands sending me junk mail with something about my webpage in the subject so now I just delete it all!   hahahahaaa!!  All gone!!! And now I'm done my little rant.
I have lots of England pics!  I have a few of Prince William and Harry, I must say they looked much better at that polo match than they do in all those magazines.  If I get absolutely no response none of them will ever make it up on to this webpage!
I'm in a tired, ranting mood thanks to all my exams that are now over so feel free to ignore half the stuff I've just said, except about the talking to me part?!  That still applies!  I'm really sorry I will go fanfic hunting for this sit soon.  Well maybe not so soon cause I'm off to florida in a few days but you know what I mean.  But look! I changed some of the buttons!  I also added a new page!  Go click on Aquatics.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm not the most organized person in the world and I find a lot of pics that I love but I just don't know where to put them!  So they go wherever until such time as I can find a proper place for them.
The guestbook is finally labled!  Click on the picture above!