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We offer Fake Id and social security cards and birth certificates for all fifty (50) states. Visit our Samples page for more products. Please read our Q&A page for answers to your questions about fake id template and free fake id template. Anything not covered that you need answered, please send us an email. You can begin your new identity with your free fake id card and fake ids. Have fun with you fake id software making fake ids. For 1 the price is $115.00. For 2 the price is $105.00 each. For 3 the price is $100.00 each. Making fake id and driver license is not expensive. All orders of 4 or more the price is $90.00 each. So find some friends and order together to reduce your cost. Novelty S/S cards are $100.00 each. We also offer outstanding fake identification (ID) and fake driver license for novelty use. Novelty birth certificates are $150.00 each. All prices are in US dollars. The pricing above includes normal shipping and is all inclusive. The equipment we use is the very best available for producing authentic PVC and laminated novelty IDs. Your photo is scanned and printed on your ID with our software. Depending on the state you order, we scan from the order form and place your signature on your ID where it says novelty signature. Meaning the price includes applicable holograms, free template, encoded magnetic stripe ids and/or bar code for making fake id and free template.

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