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This is Intrigue our resident gelding.  A true gentleman with such a loving dispositon.
Isn't he beautiful?
This is Retta, our 'Grand Dame'.
She is 26 yrs. old in this picture.  Retta is such a special mare.  It would take the rest of this page just to adequately tell you about her.  Instead we will just say that she is an absolute treasure here on the farm.
We all love her dearly.
Midi "Echos in the Mist" is used with permission and is:  Copyright 2000 Bruce DeBoer
This is Belle, our lady in waiting.  She is due to foal next spring.  She is a classy mare.  To know her is to fall head over heels for her.  She is georgous, and fun to ride.  We feel very blessed to have her here.
We will be updating & adding pictures to this page - so check back often.
This is Prince, he's a beauty.  He is Sarah's Arabian gelding. He's a real sweet heart. 
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This is Fantasy, she's Retta's daughter. 
At nearly 20 yr. in this photo. She is still a really vibrant mare. I have had the privilege of owning her for nearly 18yrs. now.   She has been a true blessing in my life.
Photo taken in November of 2001.
This is Lakota.  She is my baby, and such a joy to own.  She is very intellegent and quick to learn.  She is always eager to please, and do what you ask of her.  This photo taken on March 14, 2002.
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~ Pictured above is the "Prater" herd ~
~ Below you will see the "Perkins" herd ~
This is Thunder, he's my new Tennessee Walker.  This guy has such a wonderful personality.  And a 'glide ride' out of this world.  I will have a much better picture of him soon.
Photo taken March 14, 2002.