so you want to know about me why else would you be here and i supose you want the truth well the simple truth is i am a 17 year old male from alaska i live in a town i hate do to its udder lack of intellegence i am an idiot but i know that and i am attempting to rectafiy that but this town makes it vary difficult i have black hair and brown eyes pale skin and i am the kid that wears the black clothes and the long dark coats i have a web sight and i like coffe and anime i enjoy reading and i used to wright a lot of poetry i am a walking contradiction and a memory seeker i am on a life long quest for perfection i realy could give a shit less about you opinions nothing aganst you personaly i am sure you are a wonderful little robot but you are a person and i cant honestly say i am vary fond of that fact i dont like people they are inept and hurtful i am alone here in this place i like nine inch nails and squiel nut zipper i have a van  and i am bored with wrighting
One of many favorite pics this one is entitled MIND