Welcome to the website of the sweetest, nicest, most charming, innocent and sane person that you are ever likely to meet.
This link'll take you to my picture gallery. We just got a digital camera at my place, so I've been playing.
This link'll take you to a list of links to my favourite places on the Net. Actually, it'll take you to a list of what types of links I have, then you can get to the links.
This link'll take you to my writing page, when I get it up.
This link'll take you to all my fanfic
This is the link for the DS9 Survivor page (not up just yet)
This is the link for learning about me (not up yet)
This is me and Tamara at the Class of '99 Valedictory Dinner last year. As you can see, by this stage in the evening we were both tired, and sick of having photos taken :-)
St Paul's Class of 1999 Valedictory Dinner Pics
OK, here's where I put my pics from the 1999 Valedictory Dinner.
...poor, unfortunate souls have passed through here.
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