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Mike's WEEKLY WEIRD NEWS!!!!!!! - news that you cant live without!!!!!!!!!!

1st quarter of July - Well this part of July really doesn't have much weird news , but since I had to put a story on I chose one that I got off of Art Bell's now I didn't find a meteor going through a truck that weird .......well ok it's pretty weird but anyways here's the story [ taken from the website you can look at the damage photos at this website!!!!]

Mike DeMars writes:

Heard a instantaneous shock wave and looked outside and observed the windows of a vehicle smashed but still mostly intact. We suspect it is a meteorite but could be "space junk."

Was sitting having coffee sunday morning at approximately 8:30 AM and looked out window and observed what I thought was a break-in to my truck. But then I realize that thieves don't bore into ones truck and leave the tape deck. The Object came in from the driver's window, I noticed that the shatter glass is concave instead of convex, that is not possible... The object then hit the toolbox in the center of the truck, deflected and then hit the passenger side window. The object later sailed over and burned through the fiberglass matting wall of the outside garage. We have not as yet found this object.

{fill in the blank}

Now that's what I call news!!!!!!!!!!


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