NOTE: All scans are only half a page as I do not want to damage the spine of the book.

Updated 14/12/01

A 1-book complete story by the mangaka of Kaikan Phrase (Shin something..)

Title & artwork: See

Extra Info: Chinese translated, consist of 4 different stories with explicit sex scenes.

Personal review: The different image of Sakuya-lookalike! One with glasses, another with long hair.. and the fringe! But that's about it. Stories are normal shoujo type.. hmm. Towa & Aine clones appear in this book as well.

Title: Special wa Bokura by U-K

Scan 1 - Artwork preview

Scan 2 - 4P!! I like the black hair bishounen, though the blond one reminds me of Sephiroth o_o Not captured inside the scan though.. ^^;;

Scan 3 - How the two adults met when they were young. My favorite story in this manga ^^..

Scan 4 - Bummers! Censored areas...Interesting point to note is that not every scene is censored.. refer to my scans above ^_- You have been told about the squares.

Additional info: Book totals 192pages, of it every 8/10 pages have yaoi (shota) scenes. Contains 9 short stories (personal fav: 2nd and last story ^_-). Consists of rape, 4P, uke forced to become seme etc. Costumes involved: Christmas wear and cat costumes.. ^^;;

Personal review: PWP. Explicit content is a must buy for shota lovers. I was merely tricked by the 2 bish on the cover.. I'm not a shota lover myself so... enuf said.