Steph's Home Page

Now as my evil empire expands it has become nessisary for me to create a home page to help you get to all of my lovely pages with greater ease.  So here they are. and a big hello to everyone at variouys uni's scattered around the country and indeed other countries eh lizzie

the Chemistry Kingdom
Wierd wounderful and a little frightening

My Hiku Corner
take it all with a pinch of salt or should that be rice

Decimalisation of Time Campaign
come on you know it makes sence

Bassetlaw Dreams
unfortunatly it got canceled but you can still check out the old home page

t's my new project, a site dedicated to scully

Friends Pages
Russ's totaly cheesey site and the gimp page is still there
Matty's cool site and his cool message board
heck out the very cool campaign for renewable archeaology