Iím a writer. You donít know me now but maybe one day you will. Weíll see. Either way, Iím not a comic writer and Iím certainly not a comic artist, but I have attempted to get a few things published by Marvel.

If youíve ever sent something to Marvel, you may be disheartened at a refusal. Iím not too put off by it myself, but it has to be said, I feel like Iíve wasted my effort. I know that any writing experience is good practice but still, you want the world to see it.

Here we go then.

I intend to put up some of my scripts for comic submissions, just so I donít feel like theyíve gone to waste. Read them. Enjoy them. Pass them around. See what others think.

I may even throw in the odd comic strip, just for fun.


e-mail me at michael_howey@yahoo.com