Door Without a Room
You are standing at the Door to the Grove of Muses.  The Artwork found within this Realm was created by Rook and came about from visions seen in waking dreams, inspired by stories, legends and, of course, from her various Muses.

The Muses in Greek Mythology numbered 9.  The Muses found within this Grove are as many.  To fairly court each Muse, and, so none grow jealous,  the content of this Realm will shift its focus from time to time.

To enter the various gardens & groves in the Grove of the Muses you must make your way to the Pergola.  In the Pergola you will find the Gardens & paths through which you may stroll to experience the sights and glimpse the Muses.  To enter the Pergola you simply tap upon the Garden Gate.

May your stroll through this Realm & Grove be Magical.   May the sights and tales of the inhabitants of the various gardens inspire. Hopefully, if you listen closely, you may hear the Muses speak to you...
New sights in the garden as of:

March 9, 2004