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If you're breathing, it's a GOOD day;-{)
Just another flamin' fire fighter
If it doesn't kill you, it might make you stronger;-{)
I'm alive and loving it.
I haven't had a bad time in my life......
Sometimes just weren't as good as others....and those times changed.
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Parts of my life
Spoiling my Grand Children
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  • Parts of my life
I'm from the great State of New MexicoTour my state online;-{)
Born there, left it, came back to it, been here ever since....Well, except for some short trips for vacation and for the one year I drove a Greyhound Bus and when I go out of state for Fire/EMS Schools......
Nine years in the Navy.Old Salts;-{)
Yes, I've sailed all over the world.
Twelve years National Guard.
NM NG Homepage
Between the two, retired with 21 years of service.
Over Eighteen years as a civilian Fire Fighter/EMT
Retired 28 February 1999
Hey buddy, got a light???
Consecutive with the National Guard if you're adding;-{)
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  • Interests
Amateur Sports. Where it's still a game and people still play for fun!!!!
  • Music
I listen to anything so as not to limit myself, but I prefer Country and older Rock and Roll.
  • Nostalgic Movies
If it's got Jimmy Stuart, Randolf Scott, "The Duke" or William Shatner in it, I've probably seen it.....
  • Did I mention I'm a Star Trek Fan??
Star Trek Home pageI have boldly
gone where I shouldn't have gone before........
  • Looney Toons
Hey, I can't help it.
My favwit Wabbit!!!
Bugs Bunny
Is a childhood hero of
The internetThe world gets smaller, every day....
But of course the last time I used it before 1998, It was called the World Wide Mobile Communications System.....But that was prior to the Civilian application.
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  • Hobbies
This thing won't break again!!!!
I can fix anything from a broken heart to the crack of dawn....
My firewood pile!!!
Ok, It's a strange hobby. But I took apart a friends Toyota Corolla and built this log splitter one year...
Get your hands on a Toyota...and you can split wood;-{)
Honey, let's get hitched;-{)
This is something I've been doing for twenty years or so.
I get paid for it occasionally, but it's still fun, so it's still a hobby, right??
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  • Meet my grand children;-{)Spoiling my Grand Children.
Pappo's winning again!!!My friends shake their heads that a guy my age should be this good at Nintendo......
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