The U.S.S. Convention PBeM RPG

Welcome to the public access page of the U.S.S. Convention PBeM RPG. We are a role-playing group of people who set our story loosely in the 24th century something like the great Star Trek television series. Our game is loosely structured around a beginning which appeals to science fiction fans of many genres, and our players have various levels of experience and expertise in writing their posts.

We welcome new players at any time to join our game. There are only three requirements:

This game has been ongoing for some time, but in order to accomodate new members, we are always taking applications. If you would like to create a character to join our little game, then head to the next page to read the beginning of this great fantasy adventure. And if you have any questions, please just ask the Gamemaster.


Of course...the legal note...this page has no affiliation with the actual production by Paramount, and is in no way connected with or endorsed by the official powers that be. If you would like to visit the official Star Trek site, then follow the link above to visit the one ane only official and sanctioned site. Thanks!