the asylum of frozen hell 

 And as I awakened from my Hell-trance... I was told by Father Darkness that there was more work to be done..  So let it be...


<Dechristianization process engaged>

Not many know that besides a hellish philosopher, Ruthven Z. Nocturn is also a very talented sound sculptist.  His debut presentation of hell put to "music" is presented here with a track called "Hellish Aural Decimation".  This track was done in 1 take, completely with vocals and no instrumentation.  All percussive sounds are made by Ruthven's mouth, usually during moments of extreme duress and/or self mutilation.  Enjoy.

R.Z.N. - "Hellish Aural Sodomy"
Coming soon:  A new track of Satanic art entitled "Hellish Wounds of Blasphemy"

*note - this track is to remain in Empeethreeikus Diabolikus format ONLY - do not convert to other audio formats..

NEW Section added!  Behold, The Asylum Art Gallery of Hellish visuals!


BEHOLD!  Below you will find a hellish riddle which you will never be able to solve... Your mind will remain in Satanic thought unable to escape of you choose to attempt to solve.... The HELLISH RIDDLE!!!!

Hellish Riddle:

You're captured by the enemy.  You're about to be executed.  The executioner insists that you make one last statement.  You'll be hanged if and only if your statement is true.  You'll be shot by firing squad if and only if your statement is false.  What can you utter to get out of this hellish mess?  Okay, say this: "You'll execute me by firing squad."

Ponder Thy HELLISH THOUGHTS.... of the week.


I love all of this sexual child abuse by priests stuff going on. (Ruthven's note to self: become a catholic priest ASAP)


If I ever have a child, I'll simply lock him in his room for days at a time and tell him he can't come out until he learns how to masturbate properly.

When I was a child, my mother would see how long I could go without going to the bathroom...  I now have a compulsion to duct- tape my private openings shut for days at a time while forcing myself to listen to a waterfall relaxation tape.

"When I was a child my mother had a spoon she'd molest me with.  She called the spoon "Little Jesus"".  Now I use a knife, and his name is "God".


I don't know why women make such a big deal out of rape.  Rape is simply man paying woman the ultimate compliment.


 Racism is absolutely wrong.  Just because I am an elite member of the white race I refuse to rub it in the faces of those less fortunate.

"The only thing bad about all of these school shootings is.. well.. absolutely nothing."
-R.Z.N. 3-4-01

"I love things that make me feel dirty about myself.  Almost everything makes me feel like a dirty, filthy pig..."

-R.Z.N. 2-07-01

"The only bad thing about having AIDS is that I can only infect one person at a time!"

-Lord Ruthven Nocturn

 "Mother, why doth thou toucheth my private areas and maketh me spit upon the cross?"

- Ruthven Nocturn, age 9.

"The only ones that should be allowed to create music are white people and maybe a few colored people if they are from England or something. "

-Lord Ruthven Nocturn

"Sometimes I wish I could be female so I could get pregnant and ingest all types of harmful chemicals in an attempt to give birth to the freakiest baby ever."

-Lord Ruthven Nocturn

"The Ultimate Cure For AIDS: a stake and a hammer!!"

-Lord Ruthven Nocturn

"Rape is okay, as long as it is a last resort.

-Lord Ruthven Nocturn

"The only bad thing about homosexuals is that they are disgusting and terrible."

-Lord Ruthven Nocturn

r  a  p  e    t  h  e    a  n  g  e  l  s

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I'm currently looking for true Satanic, hellish  artwork to post at this site.  But remember, the artwork must be as intelligent as the views/concepts expressed at The Asylum...

Like a dove raped by an eagle I descend upon your soul...