Fury's Domain
This is the place I call home...enter and bear witness to The Fury, and all I am.  Be warned, it is not for the weak at heart.  So be ready!!
To begin your long strange trip...
This is me, or him or I... anyway, this is my namesake character Brotherfury.  He is my creation and he's tm and (c) so back off!  Don't even try to steal him!!

Brotherfury tm and  (c) 1999 Matthew McGreevey.
Fair Warning... This site is under constant construction.. so if something does'nt work today, does'nt mean it won't work tomarrow.  :-)
You have been warned...
Note:  If you are in this site for any wrong doing, check your hatred here! ;)
If you know me...you realize I'm being silly...have fun!!!  heh heh heh!!!