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Not just another safe, cuddly fantasy with an antiseptic odor!
A unique blend of speculative fiction and fantasy, full of fascinating detours and tangents...feaaturing a futuristic world where time is currency. Join Asher Archer's detouring quest to stop his daughter from growing-up. Beneath it all is someone out of Earth's past who, though probably not human, and possibly Asher's friend, is definitely dangerous!
"Set in an absurd future...Asher Archer is awash in confusion, angst, and insecurity as he tries to buy time (literally and probably illegally) for his child, meets a mind-eating immortal elf-child-woman from his own childhood, is captured by Earth Burgers, on an alien planet to survey for native protein sources...Weiss cleverly inserts smile-inducing satire into these wild adventues and situations, as if to prove over and over again that humans can adjust to any impossible normality."  --Richard E.Geis, Science Fiction Chronicle
"Sewerelf is another fine example of Dan Weiss' bent for the unexpected...nothing is quite as meets the eye. Weiss weaves a skillful tale of a father's love and craving to accomplish the desire of his child within a fanciful world peopled with unusual characters and extraordinary circumstances. The tale shold have great appeal for those with an appetite for the unsusual."  -- Molly Martin, Scribesworld
The Critically Acclaimed Mood Shifts:
Mood Shifts: $9.93
"Fred returns home after a tiring day at work to learn that his wife Karen has had both a personality shift and has gotten rid of Gladys...the old dog...It does not take the reader long to begin to realize nothing in this fascinating tale is as it seems...the narrative is filled with astonishing twists and turns. Just when the reader thinks thaty have at last gotten it figured out Weiss throws in another little curve. Weiss takes mundane phrases and products from the world today, weaves them into his fanciful tale in Mood Shifts and produces a narrative of unique proportions. Should have great appeal to those who like a tale fileld with the unexpected."  -- Molly Martin, Scribesworld
"Mood Shifts explores a bizarre future where big business controls most aspects of life...people are more interested in purchasing personality alterations than cosmetic surgery, and the main character suffers with the thought that his personality may have been changed without his consent or knowledge."   Gotta Write
"The possibilities are endless in the futuristic world that Dan Weiss creates...interesting situations develop that keep you turning the pages."   Puck and CLF Newsletter
"The development is highly stylized and deftly constructed, with a string of murders and many red herrings...Mood Shifts is an agreeable little satire on the American cults of conformity, self-improvement, and corporate image."  Interzone
"Step through the sparkling doors of Mood Shifts, the makeover slaon of the future...This is a social structure that has apparently taken every detail into consideration...Mood Shifts is a riveting ride through a house of mirrors. Confusion, lunacy, and subtle threats spring up on every side..."   Lisa DuMond, SF Site
"From the first page to the last the reader is immersed in a strange world where people are professional consumers or have other odd or unusual jobs, have two homes, two husbands/wives and are encouraged to spend, spend, spend. But the story goes deeper, following Fred through disillusionment with his life and the workings of society. And it's a fun journey for any reader who enjoys a good poke at the American way of life and the corporate empires that are becoming all too real."     Michael Barnette, genrEZONE
Black Plankton Press also publishes The Rejected Quarterly, a journal of fine literature rejected at least five times.
The Rejected Quarterly
Fine Literature rejected at least five times
Every issue features The Art of Rejection, Schlagel Press Strategy, Words from the Weiss, interviews, book reviews...and the best rejected literature available anywhere!
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