Welcome To The J/C Monastery

Welcome, all ye of faith who enter here…

I am Rebecca, owner of this J/C monastery. Abandon despair, all ye who enter. This is the place for hope and joy and… J/C! Of course.

The Raven

The Holy Texts according to Sister Rebecca ~ The Holy Texts

The Path To Enlightenment ~ Further Paths To Enlightenment

The Divine Treasury ~ Neelix's Confessional Box

J/C according to Coral and Rebecca ~ The Meeting Place

The Gateway ~ Contact Sister Rebecca

"Don't give up on us, Baby,
You know we've come so far
Can't we stay the way we are?
The Angel and the Dreamer,
Who sometimes plays the fool...
Don't give up on us, I know
We can still come through."

(David Soul, Don't Give Up On Us)

wayward pilgrims have rested at the monastery...

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